Please give us a call for any of your vehicles needs. We
use only the best brand named parts and still maintain a
low price to our customers.  Stuart or Emily will be glad to
get you quotes for work needed on your vehicle.
Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance
Replacement of Original Equipment
Suspension & Steering
Transmission & Drivetrain

Miscellaneous Services We Provide

Maintenance Items:
Oil Change                            
30 Point vehicle inspection included
Injection Flush                                                
~Flush fuel injectors, clean throttle body and upper intake
Coolant Flush                                                  
~Flush cooling system with detergent
Power Steering Flush                                       
~Flush power steering system
Brake Flush                                                      
~Flush hydraulic brake system and refill with new DOT 3
Transmission Flush                                           
~Flush transmission system

Air Conditioning System:
A/C Charge                                                       
~Charge a/c system
A/C Evacuate                                                   
~Pull deep vacuum on a/c system for up to 2 hours
A/C Conversion                                                
~Convert R-12 system to R-134A system
A/C Dye                                                           
~Use dye to detect any leaks in a/c system
A/C Check                                                        
~Check a/c system for sealant

Wheels & Tires:
Rotate & Balance Tires                                       
~Standard or Custom Rims                                                                                    
Mount Tires
~Standard or Custom Rims                                                                                    
Tire Repair
~Carry In or On Car                                                                                                   
Tire Disposal                                          

Brake Inspections                            
Machine Brake Drums & Rotors

Four Wheel Alignment                                     
~Alignment check with toe set
~Adjust camber & caster with alignment

General Diagnostics                                        
~Determine what part is failing and what is needed to fix it
Scan Tool                                                      
~Hook up scan tool for engine code diagnostics
Chassis Ear                                                       
~Road test vehicle with chassis ear
Cooling Check                                                  
~Pressure check cooling system & check for leaks
Charging System                                               
~Check condition of battery, alternator, and starter
Exhaust Check                                                  
~Check exhaust back pressure
General Inspection                                           
~In depth vehicle service inspection
~Monitor primary and secondary ignition patterns
PICO Scope
~Monitor other electrical components

Within 75 miles of our shop                                      

Re-glue and set rear view mirror                       
Drop off and pick up vehicle for services           
Battery Service                                                  
~Clean battery terminals and cable ends
~Recondition headlight lens
Maintenance Schedules
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Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

Phone (218) 863-2468

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed